Clearing Your Cache

Browser caching has remained one of the most common culprits of rapidly changing web application issues since its creation, and clearing your browser’s cache has been a mainstay remedy. To better explain why browser caching can become such a headache, it would be beneficial to describe what the process of storing something in a browser’s cache actually is and why it is necessary.

Our Online Training Anti-Cheating Features

As long as education has been in this world, there has also been cheating. There is always someone, somewhere who tries their hardest to find a less-than-honest way to get out of having to do the work that others spend a lot of time studying and preparing for.

Can I take my online courses offline?

Most of our customers are logging in every day to complete their training at work with the help of great Wi-Fi and a laptop or desktop computer. But what about those that are constantly on the go or needing to finish just one course? Virtual Academy has an app for that!

How Secure is Your data?

At Virtual Academy, we take cybersecurity as seriously as our clients take public security.

When we discuss our technical solutions with our clients, the talk often turns to just how we fight cyber threats and secure customer data. We sat down recently with Virtual Academy IT Director Josh Potts to get the 411 on our cybersecurity efforts. 

Top 5 Video Editing Software for Trainers

Looking for an easier way to train employees, improve your organization’s communication, or just start a YouTube channel? Not an expert in video editing? That’s okay. We’ll look at a few of the top video editing software on the market for beginners, discuss some pros and cons for each, and also look at the price.

Implementing Training that is not Mandated

Being an online training company, we hear all the time how our potential clients totally buy into the need for training, and then they add a “but”.  It usually sounds something like “Leah, I totally get the need for training, but it is not mandated for us to take training (or all this training) so how do I convince the (insert authority figure with signature here)? 

How to Promote an Online Course You Created

Congratulations! You are now a virtual trainer. You are now part of a wonderful community of intelligent, innovative and dedicated individuals who are devoted to promoting high-quality online training. You have devoted much time, energy and effort into your course and as trainers ourselves, we appreciate it. In an effort to make sure you get the best ROI when it comes to your new course, we have some best practices for promoting your course and your expertise.

How Much Does Online Training Cost?

People ask our team daily, “How much does online training cost?” That’s a pretty broad question as there are multiple factors at play—a little like asking how much a car costs. Now, a Kia Forte is not going to cost you an arm and a leg, but you are going to have to add a few more zeros on that check for the Bugatti Chiron. Both will get you from point A to point B. We want to help you get some clarity on choosing an online training provider. Hence, we want you to consider these five questions when researching online training for your unique needs.

Tips for Success in Police Academy Training

A recent study showed that 14% of recruits do not complete their police academy training. They have to abandon their dreams of a law enforcement career. Resolve not to be one of them—and follow up by using some practical tips to get ready.

Police Training and Anti-Semitism

Your police training will include the topic of hate crimes, including those motivated by anti-Semitism (a term that refers to prejudice against members of the Jewish faith). Anti-Semitic acts violate a 1968 federal statute against hate crimes that made it illegal to "by force or by threat of force, injure, intimidate, or interfere with anyone…by reason of their race, color, religion, or national origin."

Policing Policies and Freedom of Speech

Most Americans know that the First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech. But there is widespread confusion about what “freedom of speech” means. Police officers need a clear understanding of what rights are protected and what those protections mean.

How the Term “Public Safety” Is Changing Police Training

In your police training you’ll often hear the term “public safety” used to refer to firefighters, EMTS, crime technicians, rescue squads, and—of course—police officers. Thinking about public safety is a useful way to broaden your outlook about crime because it places you and your agency in a larger context.