This course covers a handful of important subjects, including diversity and inclusion, harassment in the workplace, how to resolve conflict, and managing within the law. Students will recognize the importance of diversity awareness and its impact on their organization, and learn about the various types of unlawful harassment in the workplace
The Value Gap module offers a direct path of self-discovery for participants who wish to increase their personal value in the eyes, minds, and hearts of their intended audience. The Value Gap offers participants the opportunity to brand their specific authentic value in a way that is meaningful through a three pronged approach- Discovery, Design, and Delivery. Topics included in the module are: the value / price correlation, controlling your perceived value, and making invisible value visible. This workshop addresses the three critical components of Value: Character, Competency, and Commitment. Participants will come away from this module with the distinct advantage of understanding their personal value in this increasingly commoditized world.
The basics are included in this module as an introduction to the critical role of Performance Management in organizations. Performance Management processes in different settings may vary in scope and level of detail, but the essentials remain fairly constant. The process discussed in the course provides the learner with an overview of the standard cycle of Performance Management.