This course will cover the basics of de-escalation and techniques that can be deployed to help officers defuse volatile situations.
Discuss realistic expectations of de-escalation techniques.
Integrate the five universal truths into 9-1-1 calls, and discuss ways to handle difficult calls, including calls that are verbally abusive.
Discuss ways to de-escalate a situation involving individuals with mental illness
This course will provide personnel with conflict prevention and conflict resolution techniques. Officers will learn how to make themselves a tactical communicator and keep themselves physically safe. Verbal de-escalation conflict management training involves using posture and body language, tone of voice, and choice of words for calming a potentially volatile situation before it escalates into violence.
This course is specifically designed to address critical problems in today’s law enforcement when it comes to training on violence prediction, threat recognition, and de-escalation. It addresses these key issues with the aim of saving lives, building community trust, and enhancing compliance on patrol.
Tactical communication training will provide you with career-building, career-changing, and even career-saving conflict prevention and conflict resolution communication tactics. You will learn how to be a tactical communicator and keep yourself safe while reducing stress when dealing with citizens, fellow professionals, and people in your personal life.