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Clametta Butler

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Regional Partner Engagement Manager
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Virtual Academy's Telecommunications courses allow us to work at our own pace and they continuously release new courses throughout the year. The Training Management System gives us the ability to manage all training records and conduct policy management in one system. They are available for all users 24/7 to provide tech support and they are always open to feedback and new course suggestions.
CANDY CAPRA, Duty Supervisor, Emergency Communications, Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, Metropolitan Airports Commission, Minnesota
The quality of Virtual Academy courses are great! They have Telecommunication courses as well as Public Safety courses. This gives our staff the opportunity to take a variety of courses and not get pigeon-holed into one area allowing them to grow and expand their knowledge base at a very affordable investment per user.
Jennifer Kirkland, ENP, CPE, RPL, ARM-P 9-1-1 Center Manager | Grand Junction Regional Communication Center
When we started looking for a training partner our goal was to find a system to manage all of our training records in one place. Although we are a small PSAP it is a great feature and certainly a more convenient way to manage records on a daily basis.
Karan Wilkins, Autauga County 911, AL, Operations and Training Manager
When legislation requiring T-CPR training was on the horizon, we learned that Virtual Academy would be offering a virtual T-CPR course through our partnership at no additional cost to us. We were amazed. Budgets are shrinking and agencies are forced to rethink how they deliver training to their employees. Virtual Academy hasn’t just gone outside the box, they demolished the box entirely.
Sean Lovejoy, ENP, RPL, Manager – Training / Quality Assurance, Memphis Police Department Emergency Communications Bureau
Virtual Academy has been exceptional from start to finish. The Virtual Academy team helped us seamlessly onboard 800 users across 29 agencies in a short amount of time, and asks for our input on every front. The 9-1-1 content is top-notch, and it has been a wonderful tool for our Telecommunicators.
Veronica Neal, 9-1-1 Sr. Training Specialists, Capital Area Council of Governments

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