Virtual Academy, one of the nation’s most comprehensive training, compliance, and communication platforms for public safety professionals, is pleased to announce our educational partnership with the Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Headquartered in Montgomery, AL, the AL 9-1-1 Board’s mission is to work in partnership with Emergency Communication Districts of Alabama to facilitate and promote effective, efficient, and reliable 9-1-1 service statewide to residents and visitors of Alabama. Together, Virtual Academy and the AL 9-1-1 Board will begin a training initiative across the state that ensures Emergency Communication District leaders and telecommunicators have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to improve emergency response time.

Dr. Nassar Nassar, CEO and founder of Virtual Academy, stated, “We are excited about our partnership with the AL 9-1-1 Board in this new initiative; it allows us to revolutionize the reputation of training delivered online.” Dr. Nassar indicated, “This is part of Virtual Academy’s mission to provide elite training and a commitment to serve those who serve our communities with the highest level of support and training.”

Leah Missildine, Executive Director of AL 9-1-1 Board, stated, “We are looking forward to our partnership with Virtual Academy because it will allow us to take our existing training program for 9-1-1 and dispatch professionals across the state to the next level.  They offer a wide variety of industry-specific courses through a platform that is more accessible to the staff in our 9-1-1 dispatch centers.  Serving the citizens and visitors of Alabama with a standard of care in the event of an emergency is our goal, and training is one component of that.”

About Virtual Academy: Virtual Academy Advanced Training Solutions is the leader in elite training, compliance, and communication for law enforcement, telecommunicators, and other public safety sectors. The company is proudly based in Martin, Tennessee, and committed to serving those who serve with the highest level of support and training because they deserve more.

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