Virtual Academy ™, one of the nation’s most comprehensive training, compliance and communication platforms for Public Safety professionals, is pleased to announce our educational partnership with the Nebraska Public Service Commission. Headquartered in Lincoln, their mission is to provide statewide planning, implementation, coordination, funding assistance, deployment, management and maintenance of Nebraska's 911 service system to ensure coordinated 911 service is provided to all residents and visitors of the state at a consistent level of service in a cost-effective manner. This partnership with the powerful Virtual Academy platform will make this cutting-edge training available at any time, from anywhere.

“We are excited about our partnership with the Nebraska Public Service Commission in this new initiative; it allows us to revolutionize the reputation of training delivered online,” Dr. Nassar indicated. “This is part of Virtual Academy’s mission to provide elite training and a commitment to serve those who serve our communities with the highest level of support and training.”

“The Public Safety Answering Points we work with are enthusiastic about the services offered through Virtual Academy,” said Dave Sankey, Director, Nebraska Public Service Commission, State 911 Department. “Providing Virtual Academy’s online education platform enables the Commission to assist telecommunicators with meeting the state’s training standards.”

About Virtual Academy: Virtual Academy Advanced Training Solutions is the leader in elite training, compliance, and communication for telecommunicators, law enforcement, and other public safety sectors. The company is proudly based in Martin, Tennessee, and committed to serving those who serve with the highest level of support and training because they deserve more. Learn more about Virtual Academy and Nebraska Public Service Commission by visiting our website or contacting Kelly via email [email protected].