By Andy Wills

The MOU is signed, demo meetings are over, and the emails and phone calls have finally come to an end...

Now it's time to bring your department on board.

Luckily, The Virtual Academy Team takes care of almost ALL the work for you.

See, after you fill out your roster and send to our local hero Ben Brooks, the process is simple but crucial.  We take care of creating your department profiles, we email blast the logins to them and even provide your department video tutorials on everything from taking their first course, to getting help with a password reset.  Guess what…there are even more resources over in the Virtual Academy Training Resources section for you to view anytime.

Oh, and we can't write an article without mentioning our 24/7 Tech Support for ALL USERS!  I mean, c’mon, our Tech Support team is THE BEST!

For Site Administrators we go a few steps further.  We connect each department with our Partner Support Reps and work with the agency IT team to make sure on boarding is as smooth as possible.  When we say we want you to be successful, we mean it.

The orientation phase helps get you comfortable being in the driver's seat and ensuring you understand the functionality of your Virtual Academy site.  See, when you’re comfortable using the system and you have a full understanding of each feature, you’ll begin to see the true value of the system and how each feature will work for your agency, saving your team time and money.

After orientation, Our Partner Support team continues to maintain contact as much as needed.  Whether you pick it up quickly or need a few phone calls to figure something out... you’re covered.

So, what are you waiting for?  Request a demo today!