By Andy Wills

Communication is essential in every agency.  While there are multiple ways to communicate with your department, Virtual Academy has options that make communication effortless and keep your people accountable when it’s needed most.  

Here’s how…


Post announcements on your Virtual Academy Home Page to get information to your department instantly by email and text.  Also, when you enable the “comments” section on your announcements, users have the ability to respond to the announcement, ask questions, and acknowledge they received the information on their computers or cell phones.

 Roll Call

Assign relevant training to your department in short, easily digestible videos with the “Roll Call” feature of your Virtual Academy site.  Uploading your own Roll Call video can get information to your department in real time.  Attach documents and links that you can also cross post in the “Resources” section. 

Resources & Policy Management

Get rid of the three ring binders, save on paper cost, and keep physical file storage to a minimum with “Resources & Policy Management”. 

Become your department’s vetted source of information with your “Resource” section.  There’s a lot of good information on the internet, and sadly, even more bad information.  Get your agency’s information from trusted source links, such as the Centers for Disease Control, State Health Departments, Department of Public Safety or The Surgeon General’s Office and make them available in the Resource center of your Virtual Academy account in the form of “Quick Links”, “Documents”, “General Orders” and “Forms”.

Send policies to your officers for quick information with individual sign-off for acknowledgement.  You can host your entire policy manual, push out new policy, and track and archive information in this section, making it an amazing tool on the belt for any agency to track internal compliance.


Ok, so if you’ve read this far, you’re my hero.  Here’s the best part, everything I’ve talked about so far… comes standard in a Virtual Academy package option.  It comes included with ALL the training and other features we offer.  Crazy, right?