Listen up, Georgia! Because you deserve more…Virtual Academy is now approved as a training provider for the Governor’s Initiatives!

On December 14, 2016, POST Council revised the annual training requirements statewide for all officers as listed under POST Rule 464-5 with 4 of the required 20 annual hours relating to the specific topics of de-escalation, community policing, and use of force.

As of June 2021, POST approved Virtual Academy as a provider on the exclusive list of those who can offer these courses. That means now all of your annual training can be completed on Virtual Academy, with the exception of firearms.  

Use of Deadly Force - 1 hour required annually

Decision Making: The Foundation of Reasonable Force - A Primer (1 hour)

Decision Making: The Foundation of Reasonable Force for Supervisor - A Primer (1 hour)

De-escalation - 1 hour required annually

Introduction to De-escalation (1 hour)

De-escalation for Law Enforcement (1 hour)

Community Policing - 2 hours required annually

Public Assembly and Community Interaction (2 hours)

Community Policing in the 21st Century (2 hours)

Having updated, relevant, and timely training hours available to officers in an efficient, cost effective manner is Virtual Academy’s mission. Not only listening to, but understanding the needs of partners in Georgia is what will help us navigate this ever changing landscape together!

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