Congratulations! You are now a virtual trainer. You are now part of a wonderful community of intelligent, innovative and dedicated individuals who are devoted to promoting high-quality online training. You have devoted much time, energy and effort into your course and as trainers ourselves, we appreciate it. In an effort to make sure you get the best ROI when it comes to your new course, we have some best practices for promoting your course and your expertise.

1.Create a hashtag to use for promoting your course. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media, websites and applications to identify messages on a specific topic. This could be just the course name or a tip from your course. Are you a Virtual Academy Training Partner? Don’t forget to tag your #VirtualAcademy and your academy. For example, your course could be titled You Can’t Know It All and cover expertise leadership. Some hashtags for promoting your course on social media could be:




          2.Promote your course on social media you are already using. Social media can be a great way to generate traffic to your course and promote you as an expert in your field. However, it can also be time consuming. In today’s market, 80% of people want to gain information from video. Create a short trailer of your course or record yourself explaining why you developed the course and who it is for. If you partnered with Virtual Academy, we recommend promoting your course using the thumbnail imagery and promotional videos we provide. If you ever lose them feel free to reach back out to your project manager! You want to make sure the content you are posting is relevant to the platform. Here are some tips: 

               a. LinkedIn- great for professional stories. Posts include what it was like working with Virtual Academy, your upcoming trainings, tips from your course, your Bio, how your training helps others.

               b. Facebook- this should be personal. Posts include what it was like working with Virtual Academy or building your own course, what you dream to do next, why you train, what inspires you as a trainer. Make sure to include lots of pictures or videos. Take a selfie during the recording and share for all to see a sneak peek.

               c. Twitter- Twitter is about relevant and concise information. Pull out tips from your training and end with Check out my Virtual Academy Course for more! Obviously if you did not build your course with us then link to where trainees can gain access to yours.

               d. Instagram- Pictures, pictures and more video! Here you are trying to establish a lifestyle. What is it like to be a trainer? Share pictures and video of you on set, at conferences, etc. Promote your course and how you stay on top of the latest and greatest training practices!

          3.Follow Virtual Academy on all your social media platforms (see our links below).  Share our content and tag us in your for us to share! Use the hashtags below.



          4.If you have the contacts of attendees from previous trainings, reach out to them and let them know they can gain even more insight from you On Demand with your new course.

          5.Continue to train and share your experiences on social media using your hashtags, emailing your clients as you gain them and talking about your training every chance you get. This makes sure users know you are keeping up with the industry and playing your best game!

            Have a question about promoting your Course or Academy? Reach out to us at:

            [email protected]