By Courtney Harris

When I think of the most common issue we hear about when it comes to Tech Support, I would have to say that it’s forgetting one’s login credentials.  We see more requests for forgotten credentials than any other issue.  One reason for this is the new format we use for the learner usernames.  We used to use the first initial and last name format, but have since converted to first name.last name (for example: courtney.harris).  Unfortunately, not all usernames formatted at the same time, so if the learner logged in last year with the original format it could have changed for the 2020 year.  In order to fix this on our end, we try to see if the learner still has the old format and we are completing the change in the system on our end for them.

The reason for the many login issues is that our password reset on the site is a bit tricky.  Learners attempt to use this feature and wait for an email that may never come, and then they contact us stating that they have not received an email.  There are a few reasons why they may not get the email, and one would be that they do not have a working email listed on the site or the email provided is currently blacklisted.  This is something that Tech Support can correct in the system by entering a new email address or completing the process to take the email off the blacklist.  Another reason our learners may not get the password reset email is a firewall issue.  We have found that some police departments’ firewall can cause an issue when dealing with an agency email.  We try to avoid this by using a personal email to send login credentials.  Sometimes the emails we send to the learners go straight to their junk or spam folder so we always tell them to check those folders.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to tell anyone their passwords over the phone, for security issues.  We provide each person with this problem with their username/password reset link where they can just change their passwords easily.  This process has been a huge asset to our department because it is quick and efficient and it pleases our clients.

As always, anytime you forget your login credentials or they don’t work for any reason, give us here at Tech Support a call at 844-381-2134.