By: Tiffany Coble & Kim Healy

Video: Addy Wood

When it comes to customer service, many of us think of long hold times and multiple transfers. What if you could call one number and speak to the exact same person every time? Here at Virtual Academy, you get just that. Here are seven benefits of having your very own Partner Support Representative.
  1. Personalization- When you contact your Partner Support Representative, you are met with a very personal experience.
  2. Issues are resolved more quickly- Without long wait times and multiple transfers, your issues can be resolved more quickly.
  3. Relationship building- Better relationships are built through the personal attention that is given by our representatives.
  4. Taking the load off- Got a busy week and need help with training? Partner Support is always ready and willing to assist in any way.
  5. Staying up to date- We are here to keep you updated on new features, courses, mandates, and any other important information.
  6. Lifeline of the company- Your one call to Partner Support can get you the information you need without contacting anyone else in the company.
  7. Keeping you on track- Reminders of mandates and important information helps to keep you on track.

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