Hiring the right fit and preparing those employees for a life long journey in this profession and beyond is the foundation of this course. Learning and finding tools to assist the 9-1-1 professional in managing vicarious trauma and the importance of deploying these resources in your daily life.
This course is a one-hour webinar-style course providing an overview of what PSAPs should know when considering implementing a Quality Assurance process. The course discusses the various recommended processes for conducting call review from how the call is answered and processed, as well as how the call is dispatched. The three major disciplines—Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical call processing are discussed in-depth. The new APCO/NENA ANS Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points is covered.
This course will prepare you for deploying a text to 9-1-1 solution to your center. You will learn the importance of this solution in reaching not only our deaf/hard of hearing community but also the way this tool has helped in those situations when voice conversation may not be safe. The technical solutions are also explained.
This course will provide officers with an understanding of key elements of investigation special cases including family violence, sexual assault, and issues concerning sexual offenders.
This course explores racial profiling to assist law enforcement officers in navigating this appropriate traffic and field stops. Topics covered include legal aspects of racial profiling, logical and social arguments against racial profiling, and elements of inappropriate and appropriate traffic stops, and profiling as it relates to reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, especially drug couriering.
Fundamentals of Courthouse/Courtroom Security will give the learner specific targets and goals to increase/enhance the safety and security of their court operation. This course is designed for the court officer as well as the supervisor to promote continuing awareness of threats and assessments of courthouses.