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Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police

Virtual Academy's training is the most advanced, professional, and cutting-edge online training of the future. We have been using Virtual Academy for over a year and we can't imagine training without it.

Captain Phillip Kemper, Jackson Police Department

Virtual Academy allows me to customize training to each officers skill level and easily track progress.

Chief Eades, Belle Meade Police Department
Virtual Academy has been a wonderful asset to our department. The virtual training allows our officers to train at their own choosing, and allows them to better customize their training experience. With the advent of the new FTO software, we could not be more thrilled to be partnering with Virtual Academy. You will not find a better training platform at this price point, period.
Chief Michael Pitts, Savannah Police Department

I am amazed at the amount of valuable information and am highly impressed with the professional courses.

Chief Ranger Shane Petty, TN State Parks

The Virtual Academy team is exceptional. They helped us get started in no time.

Chief Rick Scarbrough, Clinton Police Department
The value of this partnership comes down to providing opportunities to departments so that communities have officers with the most current and up to date training at their fingertips. The ultimate beneficiary is the public.
Executive Director, Jennifer Duffy, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police

I am amazed at the amount of valuable information that I obtained, and highly impressed with the professional courses that Virtual Academy provides.

Herold Scott, Oak Ridge Police Department

Definitely the most intuitive way to train!

Jamison Peevyhouse, Director E-911 and EMA

By partnering with Virtual Academy, we are enabling many departments to achieve the majority of their P.O.S.T. requirements without losing valuable time away from their assignments. The ability to eliminate one day of academy training and replace those hours with Virtual Academy courses will save our Department of 850+ nearly $250,000.

Lt. Director Steve Hampton, St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy
Virtual Academy is world-class. Everything they do is top-notch.
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Author, Speaker and Trainer
Good tool for training. We have been assigning courses over the past quarter and we have uploaded policies and memos into the system and everything is going great.
Sergeant Brian Murphree, Flint Michigan Police Department

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